About Us

BRAND NU MEDIA GROUP is the premier provider of Video & Sound Production of the
Nation’s Capitol. We provide high quality music, sound, video production and related media
products and services to our customers. We offer years of professional experience, technical
expertise, excellent service & dependability. Brand Nu Media Group works hard to ensure that
our service meets the highest level of expectation and customer satisfaction.

Harvey Nunes has been in the entertainment industry as a freelance television producer,
videographer, voice personality, master of ceremonies or professional deejay for more than 20
years. As a producer and videographer, Mr. Nunes specializes in sports/news and has worked
with many organizations and athletes including: CBS News, BET Madd Sports, BET
Marketing/Special Events, HBO Sports, Howard University Television, Marion Jones, Allan
Iverson, Laila Ali and Rod Woodson to name a few.